MicroStrategy Bitcoin Journey Timeline. Data 7/1–12/14

UPDATE (12/21/2020): MicroStrategy has completed the acquisition of an additional 29,646 BTC at an average price of $21,925 after their recent convertible issuance. This brings the total Bitcoin investment to 70,470 BTC at average price of $15,964 ($1.125bn).

MicroStrategy (MSTR) is one of the largest independent publicly-traded business intelligence company…

Growth of $100 into Bitcoin vs. Gold YTD as of 11/27/2020

For thousands of years, gold’s unique monetary properties have cemented itself as the preferred store of value for nation states and individuals alike. It is one of the rarest of the mineable natural elements on any meaningful scale. Additionally, gold has historically had the strongest stock to flow (S2F) ratio…

A 51% attack describes a situation where any party (or parties who are working together) has majority control of the overall network hashpower, allowing them to manipulate the network in a number of ways for personal benefit.

With majority control, an attacker can exclude and modify transactions occurring on the…

Multiple catalysts have occurred in 2020 that point to why this Bitcoin cycle is inherently unique #Phase5

Bitcoin Price: $19,372 (11/30/2020)

Investors around the world are quickly waking up to the bullish macro narrative for Bitcoin, with global buying demand vastly outpacing new supply on a daily basis. Currently, PayPal and Square’s CashApp alone are buying up more than 100% of daily new supply (current block rewards…

Hanson Birringer

I like writing about Bitcoin and long term macro secular trends.

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